Gilles Sérasset

GETALP team, LIG lab, Université Grenoble Alpes —

I'm a researcher in Computer Sciences/Natural Language Processing/Multilingual Computing. My current main interest is in describing languages using Semantic Web standards (RDF using mainly Ontolex ontology) and work on the relations between words and languages.


Associate Professor with Tenure

Université Joseph Fourier and Université Grenoble Alpes

Many computer Sciences courses given in Grenoble and Valence.

September 1995 - Present

NLP Researcher

Université Joseph Fourier and Université Grenoble Alpes

NLP, Multilingual Computing, Computational Lexicography, Semantic Web, Linguistic Linked Open Data

September 1995 - Present

University Department Director

Département Sciences Drôme Ardèche — UGA

The Département Sciences Drôme Ardèche is the Grenoble Alpes University department which offer UGA scientific curricula in the city of Valence (a medium sized city 100km far from Grenoble). The department gathers more than 1000 grad and undergrad levels students in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Mecanical Sciences and Physics.

June 2015 - June 2019

Open Source Developer

DBnary data extraction software and several contributions in other open source projects.

July 2010 - Present


Programming Languages & Tools (some recent ones that have iconic existance)
As it seems fashionable nowadays, here is a fancy line of (some of) my iconify-able skills.
But many languages and technologies I did use for significant works do not really exist under an iconic form. As an example, I could mention Common-Lisp, Rexx, Ada, C, C++ in my Programming Languages "palette". In fact, as should be true for any computer scientist, I do have a significant experience in different programming paradigms (imperative, functional ou predicative, and mixes of these) and technologies, some being already extinct and other emerging.
  • Language Theory, Language analysis, Parsers and analysers
  • Algorithms and Programming, Object Oriented Programming
  • Formal Logic, Deduction, Proofs
  • Predicative and Functional Programming


Computational Linguistics

DBnary : Lexical Linked Open Dataset
DBnary is a RDF linguistic dataset based on the Ontolex format and derived from Wiktionary and other sources. The dataset is released under Creative Commons (cc-by-sa) license and the extraction/enhancement programs under the MIT license.
Collaborative Edition of Multilingual Dictionaries
Development of the Jibiki plateform used in several projects, among which the Papillon and LexAlp projects.

Multilingual Communication

UNL project
Head of the French team for several years.

Crosslingual Information Retrieval

Participation to CLEF campaign



  • Langages pour le Web
  • Programmation Objet
  • Méthodologie informatique et développement logiciel
  • Analyse Syntaxique